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 Effective Tips and Tricks to switch your dog to organic food – 2021
A pet with an esa letter for housing is often used to provide emotional support to those suffering from mental health issues. All pets, especially dogs, unconditionally love their owners and are loyal to them. The least the owners can do is to provide them with good food, a bed, a dog house, occasional treats, and toys.
Many vets recommend using organic dog food as it contains fewer allergens, preservatives, fillers, food colors, grains and is obtained from natural sources. Many owners, however, find it very challenging to change the diet and eating habits of their dogs. Dogs too resist sudden dietary changes and sometimes may also fall ill. Therefore, it becomes inevitable to carefully transition from current to organic food. This article will present some really useful tips to help dog owners switch their dogs smoothly to organic dog food.
10 Reasons Why Cats Make Better Pets Than Dogs
A healthy diet is not only necessary for humans but animals, especially those used for emotional support with the esa letter issued to them, too. Pets must be taken care of when it comes to diet as it has a great effect on their physical health and emotional state. Only a dog in good health can provide the required emotional support to its owner.
Tip 1: Go slow
In order to change the eating habits and diet of your dog, do not rush into it. Rather keep the change slow and consistent. Start by giving a small amount of organic food along with the current food you are giving. Keep on increasing the amount of organic food. A couple of days later, start reducing the quantity of the food you want to remove from the diet.
Keep following the procedure unless the diet is completely transitioned into the organic one. Changing the diet or the dog food suddenly may result in various negative outcomes. The dog is more than likely to become fussy and in some scenarios may even stop eating. There is also a chance of an allergic reaction involved. Hence, make the changes slowly yet steadily and persistently.
Tip 2: Poop test
Before completely moving towards a new diet consisting of organic food, run a poop test on your dog. Check for the quality, color, and consistency of the stool or poop your pet is passing. Minor changes may occur due to the addition of a new food item, however, beware of a drastic change.Ask your vet about can dogs eat carrots.
A good way to check the poop of your pet is to perform a fecal score test.  Dehydrated or a constipated dog will pass a stool with a fecal score less than 3-4. On the other hand, higher numbers indicate a gastrointestinal issue.
A drastic change in the color, frequency, or consistency of the stool your dog is passing is a clear indication of an allergy or a reaction to the newly added food item. This is why vets recommended adding new food items slowly to the diet. For this purpose follow the seven-day diet transition plan suggested by the vets given below:

Day 1 and 2: Three-fourth of the old food item and one-fourth of the new organic food.
Day 3 and 4: Half of the old food item and half of the percent new organic food.
Day 5 and 6: One-fourth percent old food item and three-fourth percent new organic food.
Day 7: Switch completely to the new organic food diet.

Tip 3:
A longer transitioning period
Some dogs have a sensitive stomach and some are allergic to many food items. For this purpose, extend the seven-day diet transition or switching plan to as long as is required by your pet. The switching duration may even last for 3 weeks.Read about can dogs eat avocado.
Tip 4: Choose food wisely
Not all foods available under the label of organic foods are healthy or appropriate for your dog. Choosing organic dog food is a complicated process. Follow the guidelines available from the vets for transitioning and do take an opinion from your pet’s vet about switching the food that may suit your pet.
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